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Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning: Sharing our Experience

Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning: Sharing our Experience

November 10, 2016 by B&W Energy Services0

When you’ve successfully completed as many pre-commissioning and commissioning projects worldwide as we have, you’ll have seen a lot. When you’re working with highly specialized, extraordinarily powerful equipment, it’s really important that every step in the pre-commissioning and commissioning process is planned and performed by seasoned professionals who’ve been there and done that.

You’re most likely familiar with the degree of pressure in performing a steam blow. You don’t want to see what a pebble can do to a turbine at high velocity, let alone what a scaffold leg will do (yes, we’ve seen this left in piping systems). We’ve seen ladder sections left in piping. We’ve seen hard hats, grinders, grinding wheels, welding rods—heck, we’ve seen a piece of two-inch hard pipe wedged into a 36-inch pipe before. We’re no longer surprised.

Piping systems are complex and often times designed strictly for operations with very little consideration for how the systems will be cleaned. By engaging B&W’s engineering team during the plant design phase, a project team can effectively eliminate many potential problems or inefficiencies well in advance of plant pre-commissioning. Knowing this is critical to ensure cleaning is done in the most effective way possible and also avoid unnecessary delays during commissioning. This allows our team to design a cleaning program through extensive analysis, planning and coordination that will optimize your entire system. Many perceive the cleaning of their systems as an afterthought, when they should be leveraging the resources B&W provides to plan far in advance to execute the cleaning with maximum efficiency.

We’ve seen people get themselves into trouble because they don’t anticipate problems before they happen. Failing to recognize the importance or complexity of the overall planning process many times leads to delays in the project schedule. With our accumulated knowledge in pre-engineering, we eliminate these pitfalls.

A veteran’s experience in this industry is darn near priceless. Bring B&W on board and we’ll let our engineering do the talking, demonstrate our unmatched professionalism, competency, and the vast experience necessary to ensure success on any project, anywhere in the world.

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