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Real Impact: Better Equipment Equals Better Results

Real Impact: Better Equipment Equals Better Results

April 12, 2018 by Joel Babin0

At B&W Energy Services, one of the many ways we provide real impact to our clients is through our proprietary equipment designed exclusively by our in-house engineering team. We strive to be the very best in our field, and our specialty equipment has helped us achieve that goal.

From the start, our founders were determined to fulfill the need for better equipment in the pre-commissioning industry. We sought out a way to develop equipment that provided a high level of performance and safety on all industrial cleaning jobs, maximizing the overall impact. In order to safely and effectively complete projects such as chemical cleaning and AquaLazing, equipment must be intricately designed to execute in spaces both large and small.

When we began designing our equipment, we started with a clean slate. A crucial step in the process was viewing our equipment from both the technical and execution standpoints. Our Chief Technology Officer, John Haldane, ensures that all equipment is exclusively designed with our strategic approach in mind, following the B&W standard. The impact is more effectively and efficiently executed pre-commissioning cleaning programs no matter what method we are using.

All B&W equipment is built on all-inclusive, shippable skids for rapid mobilization. Depending on the project at hand, whether it be air blows, steam blows or lube oil flushes, the equipment and components necessary to execute the project always vary. With the use of skids, we are able to cut time and cost for setup and movements between each cleaning iteration. The skids are easily loaded and shipped in a standard container anywhere across the nation or the world.

Because we have the option to easily ship our equipment to any destination, we are able to provide the highest level of performance across the world. Additionally, B&W provides our clients with a competitive advantage thanks to our strategic, global presence. With our various locations in North America and the Middle East, we are able to mobilize equipment in less time at a lower cost.

Here at B&W Energy Services, we recognize your project’s needs and provide the very best equipment to ensure that you save time, cut costs and get your plant online. That’s creating real impact.






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