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Safety Aspects of Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning

Safety Aspects of Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning

May 08, 2017 by Joel Babin1

Safety has always been B&W Energy Services’ top priority.  While we strive for the utmost safety in every aspect of a project, it is especially important during the pre-commissioning and commissioning stages.

During the pre-commissioning phase, teams are responsible for testing all equipment and systems to ensure they are functioning properly and as designed, so that the facility is ready to begin operations.  Pre-commissioning is essential to all projects as it ensures a smooth transition into start-up of the facility’s operations.  All pre-commissioning work must be done carefully to ensure the equipment is not damaged in the process.  The commissioning process includes all the tasks necessary to put the facility into operation, with all the equipment and systems performing properly.

One key to safety during these processes is an experienced staff. Team members with detailed experience in these areas will provide expertise to others and can offer advice for avoiding common missteps. B&W Energy Services employees participate in mandatory training programs each year to guarantee that each team member is prepared and knowledgeable about proper safety measures. B&W Employees regularly check for potential problems and take appropriate action to reduce hazards and prevent further safety issues. Team members also take precautions such as wearing all required safety gear and making sure all others that are involved are doing the same.

During processes such as AquaLazing, air blowing or steam blowing, staff members must be aware of the hazards throughout the process, as the high velocities pose a risk of injury. Proper water drainage should be enforced to avoid water build-up. Moreover, hose couplings, clamps, valves and pipe spools must be fitted and secured properly to prevent failure.

That’s why B&W developed a Job Safety Analysis prior to beginning a project and additionally uses a Job Site Hazard Assessment prior to beginning a project. These safety tools identify potential hazards and recommend safe practices for everyone involved.

The pre-commissioning and commissioning processes play an essential role in the overall success of a project. Safety during these stages is therefore imperative to ensure that our clients’ projects run smoothly. Our commitment to a safe environment allows us to develop a trust with our clients that transforms into a long lasting teamwork relationship.

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