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Service Feature: AquaLazing

Service Feature: AquaLazing

February 06, 2019 by B&W Energy Services0

B&W’s AquaLazing service is an advanced high-pressure water jetting process, which can effectively clean piping systems of mill-scale, construction debris and process deposits.

In addition to piping systems, AquaLazing can be used to clean other critical plant components which become contaminated with water or process deposits. B&W Energy Services has developed the most advanced AquaLazing equipment available, based on sound engineering practices and years of experience in managing and performing AquaLazing work.

AquaLazing can be used as a primary method for cleaning or in conjunction with other pre-commissioning cleaning services, such as Steam Blowing or Air Blowing, to help reduce overall cleaning times and associated costs. In many cases, AquaLazing can also be applied to piping systems that typically require Chemical Cleaning to achieve the same cleanliness level, at reduced costs and zero environmental impact.


A typical 2 over 1 HRSG project on average can take an estimated 300-400 hours of runtime per gas turbine to complete steam blows with no prior preparations. Not to mention, it will use up to 30 million gallons of de-mineralized water for steam blowing and natural gas to run the turbines for the same duration. In all, the total time spent on steam blows lasts approximately 12-15 days.

On the other hand, a 2 over 1 HRSG project that planned and implemented the AquaLazing internal pipe cleaning process of the steam piping prior to steam blowing can produce the following:


  • Approximate runtime of 90 hours per gas turbine used on the warranty (75% less)
  • Reduced de-mineralized water usage (approximately 6 million gallons used, or 80% less)
  • Significantly less natural gas utilized for steam blowing (50% less)
  • Total time spent on steam blows: Approximately 7 days

When choosing your pre-commissioning services, rely on the provider with the most extensive knowledge in the preparation and planning of your pre-commissioning cleaning events. By using B&W, a pre-commissioning cleaning company that is constantly re-designing equipment for efficiency, seeking project cost savings ideas and doing it safely—you achieve these results time and time again.

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