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The Importance of Pre-Commissioning

The Importance of Pre-Commissioning

July 25, 2016 by Dennis Miller1

B&W continues to lead the way as the premier provider of pre-commissioning services in the industry. Pre-commissioning activities allow facility owners to rest assured that the start-up and future operations of their facilities will run smoothly. As the most critical link in a project’s life cycle, properly planning and executing the pre-commissioning activities is imperative to the project’s success and will save you both schedule days and money.

Pre-commissioning activities ensure that all parts of a plant are in a suitable state of cleanliness and readiness prior to the commissioning and future operations of a plant. Sounds simple enough right? Yet, if  the pre-commissioning process is not planned for thoroughly from the beginning stages of a project, it could cost a company upwards of one million dollars. This is why taking into consideration all the components of pre-commissioning is so crucial to a projects success. If underestimated, the process will only cost a company more in the long run. When planned correctly though, a smooth pre-commissioning process can be expected and will allow for effective transitions through the remaining phases of the project, providing value to the overall construction and improve project safety.

Pre-commissioning activities can consist of a variety of processes. B&W offers engineered pre-commissioning cleaning services using our specialized equipment, including AquaLazing, chemical cleaning, steam blowing, air blowing and pulse flushing. But, from the development of a pre-commissioning cleaning plan to managing and executing all of these cleaning services, for pre-commissioning to truly be effective, each service must be predeterminate before the start of a project. The key to a successful pre-commissioning is to become proactive instead of reactive and thorough planning is the only true way to achieve this.

Each of our team’s experienced professionals has the expertise required to effectively evaluate every facet of a project and make the decisions necessary to ensure the project launches without a hitch. Pre-commissioning is the most important phase in any project, and B&W professionals can be trusted to handle even the most complex projects with precision and care, in order to deliver outstanding results at unmatched value.

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