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Why Choose B&W for Chemical Cleaning?

Why Choose B&W for Chemical Cleaning?


Better Engineering, Safer Equipment, Innovative Services

Are you planning for an upcoming chemical cleaning at your project site? Don’t leave this complex task in the hands of just any company. B&W Energy Services is a full-service provider of pre-commissioning and commissioning cleaning services, trusted by dozens of corporations for more than 300 projects globally. We’ll manage your chemical cleaning project from start to finish.   

B&W has developed and professionally engineered chemical cleaning services on some of the industry’s most complex projects.  Our services begin with an evaluation of any organic materials, oil, greases, iron, mineral deposits and other contaminants prior to professionally engineering the best chemical cleaning program for your project.

The cleaning process is complex and requires extensive engineering input to develop highly detailed and thorough procedures. Before beginning our services, B&W evaluates the entire system by utilizing all design inputs such as process and instrumentation diagrams, erection isometrics, vendor drawings and data sheets, metallurgy and target contamination. We also review and incorporate all client, owner and vendor specifications and guidelines into the engineered procedure. Incompressible fluid modeling is then performed to ensure design flow rates and velocities will be achieved during the fluid circulation and also ensures proper temporary equipment sizing and ratings. 

With one of the highest safety records in the industry, B&W is committed to completing your project on time without compromising safety or expert engineering. Our professional team understands the guiding principles of sound chemical cleaning practices, like using plate and frame heat exchangers, high volume fine filtration units and minimized hose usage by employing hard piping, high flow pumps, analytical testing and verification and proper equipment sizing. Each project is prepared with the most reliable equipment in the industry, and our team is trained to ensure every safety standard is in place to protect your facilities and employees.

On top of our exceptional safety standards, B&W’s in-house engineering and design team creates and continually improves upon our own chemical cleaning equipment. We heavily consider not just safety, but environmental concerns as we design and build our equipment. Our chemical cleaning solutions have the lowest risk available on the market, and our chemical circulation hoses are constructed with the highest quality materials. We construct temporary pipe spools to ASME B31.3 code standards, and all pipe spools are fabricated with ANSI B16.5 flanges, virtually eliminating the potential for leaks.

If you’re searching for a pre-commissioning partner to deliver safe and exceptional chemical cleaning services at your plant, look no further than B&W—no other partner in the industry can offer the same expansive service offerings in the world. Allow our most valuable assets, our experience and team, to do the work for you. 

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